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help me understand?

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so it looks like I am going to put a smaller pulley on my V. as well as some deka 80s (I have Data). Is the tuning protocol still log % error and past it into the VVE? I have not tuned an ls since a couple of turbo lq4s. thanks Robby
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yep just with wideband get your error and add to the vve, try to do as much of the table as u can so decel, light load, medium load, high load (if safe) and do it all with the steadiest throttle u can try so the data is good, once u get known good data in there u can start to blend the other portions in that u cant get to easily keeping trends
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also with injectors bigger then standard i usually recommend for the injector tip temp offset to highlight it all and divide the values by the size bigger your injectors are compared to stock, so if your injectors are double stock size then halve the table, this will help keep it closer and be better for hot starts too, DO NOT zero out that table, can be good to only use data after about 15 mins after a flash too just encase
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yea ive picked up a fair bit of info over the years, its kinda situational tho i usually remember when i see the issue or someone asks something related to it and they will pop back into my head, half the fun is finding out how some of the tables interact with each other that arnt mentioned too in ways that they do, thats why i say even if u adjust something and it goes to crap remember what u done as u may need it later on, causing something bad is just as good knowledge as something good
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