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I have wanted one of these cars for a very long time. my daily driver was a modified 2003 Ford Lightning until a connecting rod poked it's broken head through the block to say hello.
I replaced it with a 2013 CTSV Coupe. Silver with fully loaded black interior. I bought it from a friend who is an amazing mechanic and who I trust. He had quite a few mods done but we put it back mostly to stock except for the Eibach springs and 20" wheels. We had the supercharger (and every related part) and the oil pump replaced under warranty. I've had many cars that were modded to the edge of reliability and just wanted something cool and fun to drive that I didn't have to worry about blowing up. And it has gotten ridiculous to pass smog now here in California (I'm in Carlsbad). My Lightning didn't pass last year and I was sent to the smog referee. It never passed and I drove it with expired tags for 6 months.
Anyway, Hi.
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