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Hello everyone!

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I bought my first CTS-V 2 weeks ago. Black Diamond tricoat coupe. It already has a smaller pulley, Diablo tuner, headers, cat and resonator delete, Corsa exhaust, and a Momentum GT CAI.

This makes my 3rd Cadillac I have owned, I just moved to the V from my 2010 CTS 3.0L sedan. I also have a 2007 Escalade. I have build several cars and trucks in the past, I consider myself to be an expert when it comes to vehicle wiring. I want to know this car inside and out, so any knowledge you can hand down, would be much appreciated. Thanks for having me!

Here she is the day I got it home. I already swapped out the shittly plastidipped grill and put in some aftermarket headlights from my old car.
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Welcome aboard, looks pretty clean
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