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Has anyone Permanently Sealed their Sunroof?

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Before you post read this:

All 4 drains have been cleared and tested. Drains flow well
All duckbills have been cut off. Drains flow well
Both rear drain channels have been sealed where the plastic end is riveted to the metal.
New glass seals and gutter has been on order for over 2 weeks, and has yet to ship.
If you don't have a sunroof, go brag elsewhere. :censored: but seriously, what can you add to the conversation? You're like First Class passengers watching the poor coach people walk by as you sip champagne.

I plan to install new glass seals, a new center "gutter" and re-align both glass pieces before I throw in the towel.

There is just too much water getting past the glass seal that it spills out of the channel, before it routes through the drains. I assume the glass is very mis-aligned, as I doubt its meant to work this way.

Has anyone been down this road and found a good way to stop the water from coming in? At first I thought I would never put silicone on it, but now I'm considering it, as long as you cant see it from the outside. I'd be perfectly fine with disconnecting the button for good at this point.
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Go find a smooth CTS roof at a junkyard? ?
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