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Has anyone cut into there factory hood to put vents ??

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Looking for pictures of a factory hood with vents or a heat extractor trying to see what's a better choice either cut into my hood or buy a fiberglass one
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I too would like to know. I like the C7 vents
There's a company that sells them, or used to. Both vents you could hack-in yourself, or a hood with the vents installed. Don't remember who, though.

A few years ago I was getting my tires swapped at a local tire shop and there was another guy there with a Coupe that had a vented hood. Kind of liked the look. But he had a bunch of other aftermarket stuff on the car I didn't particularly like. Not that it matters for the hood question... :)
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This is a factory hood that has been modified. I'm not sure of the specifics as its not my car.
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The one I saw, the center section was normal and the vents were on the outboard sides of the hood. Same size louvers, though, far as I can recall.
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