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I know i be asking hella questions on here lol
I recently bought a aeroforce guage with out the Wideband , car is already dyno tuned , do I really need the Wideband ? I just want to check my iat so I know where I am as in hot temp so I can cool it down with my ice tank , also can I see my iat with out the Wideband Thanks
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Not required, but HIGHLY recommended.

That way you can monitor during WOT runs.
So i have wideband and was complaining to my tuner about all the things to try and watch for during a pull i.e. traffic, rpm to shift (M6 car), wideband, iat .. you get the pic. He told me, when you get the car out to go play or whatever, watch you wideband on the first good pull and make sure it looks good, after that just send it.. but you don't need to watch it all the time. My .02
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