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Glad to be here!

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I finally joined, don’t know why I waited over 2yrs. I see lots of collaboration… Love it!
My V: 2012 Black Raven (55k mi), 750rwhp (93oct), Recaro Racing, Lingenfelter+ (20th Century Muscle Cars), Borla, Michelin Sport Pilot S4s, Air Aid, garaged in The Great State of Tennessee (Greater Nashville Area). Picture of my towing Beastia home 2.5yrs ago. :)~
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Welcome! Love your enthusiasm! Let’s make up for those two years. Lots of knowledge in this forum.
Once again, welcome!

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Welcome! I lived in Nashville for about 4 years. Just made the move back to az.
These were mostly taken 2 yrs ago. I’ll post updated pics after I get Beastia back together and off the jack-stands. I’m installing new Mich Pilot Sport S4s, new struts (they were horrible), complete brake job and urethane bushings, and an alignment. I thought my motorcycle, camera, boom-stick (hunting/ELR), and Taylor’s (acoustic and studio) hobbies were expensive. Ongoing paint correction/detailing… really just swirl marks from a supposedly touch less car wash. ONLY hand-washed before, but it was cold and it was filthy
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Can I upload a short video? Every time I drive anywhere, people said they heard my arrival and always it’s described as “SICK!” Beastia is a Sleeper, until I fire him up. Can’t hide broomstick’s because you FEEL’em. LOL
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Can’t upload videos to the site, afaik. You’ll have to ‘host’ the video somewhere such as YouTube, Vimeo, Rumble or whatever and link it here.
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