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General Parameter Readings?

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So after firing up my 2012 CTS-V for the first time, I’m now looking to get a idea of what normal parameter readings I should be reading off my HPTuners such as IAT, IAT2, ECT, stuff like that. I would just like to make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed too.
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Here is what I am watching. It is not everything I am monitoring but just what I choose to display for gauges.

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I have a hole bunch of channels I grab in the log.
What numbers are considered normal on your vehicle? Is your IAT and IAT2 sitting between 80-120? ECT sitting in between 190-220?
For me I don't use IAT because of heat soak. I also don't use IAT2 because it doesn't show the temp changes fast enough so it is not as accurate. I use MAT (Manifold Air Temp) which responds faster to true conditions in the manifold and it is typically 5-10 above ambient in normal driving conditions. Under WOT that is a totally different animal and I am usually around 25-35ish above ambient after a WOT run. I have a front mount heat exchanger and upgraded pump. So my recovery times are quick to rebound as well because the upgrades.

My ECT's run around 160-180 depending but I have a 160* T-Stat. With a stock T-Stat 190-220* is about correct. If you don't have any cooling mods I think you would be around 20-30ish for IAT2.
Thats good to know, thank you. I noticed on my HPTuners my coolant when from 185, I gave it a little rip and stopped, and next thing I know my ECT was 233, my IAT IAT2 were at 130? It just does not want to keep me up to date quick enough with the information.

I’m also wondering what my transmission temperature should be at? At idle it sits at about 190. I haven’t driven it yet since having it rebuilt but I think it’s a little strange how hot it’s getting just at an idle.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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