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General Parameter Readings?

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So after firing up my 2012 CTS-V for the first time, I’m now looking to get a idea of what normal parameter readings I should be reading off my HPTuners such as IAT, IAT2, ECT, stuff like that. I would just like to make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed too.
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Here is what I am watching. It is not everything I am monitoring but just what I choose to display for gauges.

Blue Light Font Astronomical object Technology

I have a hole bunch of channels I grab in the log.
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For me I don't use IAT because of heat soak. I also don't use IAT2 because it doesn't show the temp changes fast enough so it is not as accurate. I use MAT (Manifold Air Temp) which responds faster to true conditions in the manifold and it is typically 5-10 above ambient in normal driving conditions. Under WOT that is a totally different animal and I am usually around 25-35ish above ambient after a WOT run. I have a front mount heat exchanger and upgraded pump. So my recovery times are quick to rebound as well because the upgrades.

My ECT's run around 160-180 depending but I have a 160* T-Stat. With a stock T-Stat 190-220* is about correct. If you don't have any cooling mods I think you would be around 20-30ish for IAT2.
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