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Many years now I’ve searched and searched for this mod and how to do it. With the help of the guys here it is completed. Maybe someone could use this info if they want to do this mod.
Special thanks to loweredd, Blades1_99, SimplyDreamin, CamCamaro1991 and RocketSled for y’all’s help and motivation.

I started by removing my headlights. If you‘re unaware of how to do that, look here

Once you get those out, you’ll take off the top cover

View attachment 154042 View attachment 154043
The top bulb is the turn signal, the one below is your DRLs. You might as well throw in some LED bulbs there (5201,5202 6000k bright white) too. No resistors necessary for DRLs
Removing these bulbs wasn’t exactly easy due to lack of hand room, so I took a pair of long curved needle nose pliers and twisted counter clockwise. It becomes loose and you can pull it right out.
View attachment 154045
you then pinch and pull the bulb out.

That bulb has 2 black wires coming from it that need a resistor in order to prevent hyper flashing. I bought mine on Amazon via this link

You have to strip about 1/2 inch of the 2 black wires to attach the resistors. A good wire stripper really helps, but you can use a blade if need be. Just be very careful not to cut any wires.
Before I connected the bulb wires to the resistors I took some 3M double sided tape and mounted the resistors inside the housing just below the bulb. There’s a small flat space there just perfect for it to sit.
View attachment 154050 View attachment 154051
I then wrapped the resistor wires around the spliced area, soldered them together, then wrapped with ADHESIVE Heat shrink. I didn’t take any pics of the wrapped heat shrink, but prior to that I had used electrical tape and some zip ties. See pic
View attachment 154056
View attachment 154055
Either way will work, but I suggest using the adhesive heat shrink.
When putting the LED bulbs into the socket, I used the long needle nose pliers to twist it in. Just don’t twist too hard.
I plugged both lights in, tested, then reinstalled both headlights.
Now, no hyper flashing and the turn signals are crisp and bright!

Only 2 companies make LED bulb 12272 as of now. Our cars have been out many years now and I just don’t see anyone else making any other quality 12272 bulbs anytime soon.
iJDMToy and Alla both on Amazon or through Google
I actually found another company on Amazon but wouldn’t waste my time with them. Low lumens and look cheap.

I’ve said this before, but why Cadillac put those incandescent bulbs up front I’ll never know. What I do know is LED turn signals are the shit!
Good luck

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2012 V Coupe Auto with a view of the Moon
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I have no idea why. I’ve been turning this website upside down trying to figure out how to cut,heat, and bend the ATS emblem and all pics are gone as well. Lemme post these again for y’all tho
I don’t remember what all I posted so I’ll post what I can find. If there’s one in particular that someone needs that‘s not there just lemme know and I’ll dig deeper for it
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