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Front Strut Mount Failure on 2015 Vsport

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Upon undergoing state inspection, it was discovered that the passenger side upper strut mount had failed completely. If the car is jacked up, the strut drops out of the mount. This could have led to a catastrophic failure during operation. My wife is the primary driver and does not drive it hard. The car has been in no accidents (other than a rear fender bender in a parking lot). I have found a Technical Service Bulletin for 2014-2015 CTS (Bulletin # PI1510A dated Sept 14, 2016) "Popping Noise from Front of Vehicle When Travelling Over Bumps". We never noticed such noise but the bulletin ascribes the noise to the possibility of "the front strut mount being torn...". My problem is clearly what is described in the bulletin, taken to the extreme of completely failure of the strut mount.

The dealer wants me to pay $1258 to replace the mount and the strut (which they say is damaged, too). I showed them the TSB, which they claim does not exist in their computer system. I showed a printed copy of it to the service adviser and he simply said "I don't know where you got that, but no such TSB exists". He acknowledged that a GM TSB looks just like what I printed out. I told him I had no way of creating a GM TSB, therefore this muse be legit. I am not sure if the TSB obligates them to cover the repair under special warranty.

Any Advice Please?
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A TSB is just a document to help reduce troubleshooting time on common issues. Look here first. Unless the TSB specifically states some extension of warranty coverage there is none. If you were close to the warranty period you might get a dealer to good will it but you're probably on your own honestly. Going to another dealer is unlikely to help. Now, on the topic of replacing the strut in addition to the top mount, It's possible that the strut itself is also damaged or leaking. On the price, an MR strut itself is probably $250 ish rock auto price, more dealer price and likely to be the same part price at any dealer. Plus the top mount, labor to replace and the cost of an alignment.
Dang, Rock Auto has a different price for each side, $330 or $395 for an MR strut. $30 for a top mount. Dealer list is over $700 according to GM Parts Direct, LOL.
Dang, Rock Auto has a different price for each side, $330 or $395 for an MR strut. $30 for a top mount. Dealer list is over $700 according to GM Parts Direct, LOL.
Dealer wants to charge $700 for the strut and $75 for the mount. We have agreed to have them do two top mounts only - $75 each and $400 labor! Apparently the strut is not so "damaged" that they won't allow it to be reinstalled. I'll bring it to my own mechanic to inspect the struts and, if one is actually damaged, have him replace both. I would thus end up with new struts and mounts on both sides for about what the dealer was going to charge for one side only.
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