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Front Brembo bleeder screw size/PN?

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Having daily driven my '09 V for 7 years through Buffalo winters I'd be willing to bet a bleeder screw or 2 is going to snap when I try and bleed my brakes this weekend. I went to change the pads last week and the inner 2 caliper pistons wouldn't press back in their bores so its time for a rebuild and bleed. Maybe its bad karma but I'm trying to have a couple bleeder screws on hand in case the inevitable happens. I bled them 4 years ago and it was a struggle with heat, penetrating oil and working them back and forth. I think I gave up on 1 screw cause I was afraid of breaking it.

I've searched the forum and google and cant seems to find a definite answer on bleeder thread size and length. Also, in the aftermarket there seems to be zinc plated steel and also stainless available. What's OE material? Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the link. I did order that pn based off my own GM parts site searches as well however, those were the only sites indicating 25900782 (M10x1.25), everywhere else seemed to point to Brembos having M10x1.0. Hopefully they're correct and I'll never need them because if I do, I'll be busting out the drill and easy outs.
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