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Front Brakes

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Where can I find a high quality front brake kit (Cross drilled/slotted).
Everyone seems to be out of stock. Thanks
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Thanks, but they only show rear brakes in the Premium quality.
okay, you need all four I will keep looking
I got pads on Amazon.
Don't assume slotted and cross drilled is "high quality".
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If slots & holes mean added quality, does that mean they become more valuable once the cracks appear?
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Rock Auto carries R1 concepts now, they're fair for the price. I've been using these for a little over a year with no issues aside from the brake dust. For some reason I couldn't for the life of me find the right front two piece rotor anywhere.
I went with slotted and dimpled rotors with semi metallic pads from brake
Price was right and lifetime warranty for cracking/warping. So far so good but only 100 miles.
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