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First Track Outing In New Caddy.

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm the new owner of a 19 CTS-V. I bought this car site unseen from a dealership in Texas. Upon taking delivery of it I realized it wasn't stock. It has headers and exhaust, CAI, Aftermarket Camshaft, Meth Injection, Ice Tank. and Ported Snout w/ 103mm TB. I had it checked out by my local Speed Shop ( Asylum Motorsports). On the Dyno it made 720hp, 777tq. I took it to the track last night and on a 19 inch drag radial w/ stock wheels front and back it ran 10.90 @ 130.87, 10.46 @ 133.87, and finally 10.36 @ 134.3. All said and done very happy with my first caddy outing.

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Congrats! Sounds like she’s moving!
Excellent start
Nice! I would have been kind of pissed that the car I thought was stock was actually heavily modified but it sounds like it turned out ok so far...
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