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Long story short, bought a 2009 A6 red in color,recaro,pano sedan yada yada… nothing special but special to me since it only had 34k miles and hadnt been ragged… so i thought! Upon cleaning found lots of rubber inside the rear wells… 1/2 inch to be exact! I mean i can understand having alot of power and wanting to act wild but damn! So, i bought it anyway.
Motor/trans/body/interior wise car was mint! Threw some cooling mods and pullies along with a “she gone” cam and valvetrain to it with a jwhite tune and it rode even better. Trans couldnt hold so i built that with cheaper stuff at a local known trans shop close to DC area. Car worked awesome… for about a month. Went through a couple play times and the trans stopped shifting.
Skip a bit and i pulled trans, took back to my guy and he fessed up to trying to save me a dollar and didnt put a new tcm in with the last build. This time he paid for the ray bestos steels and clutches and all i had to pay for was the tcm and had a friend flash the new unit. Car moved out awesome.
After a while of cruising and having fun spirited drives here and there i believe high iats and acting like a fool in 90* weather caused some new windows and flying wrist pins in my 376.
Fast forward damn near a year shes about to get a new heart! Long awaited DART Lsnext 427 from TMS.
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That hurt to look at.
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