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I'm about to purchase a second set of wheels for my 2011 CTS-V Coupe. I just bought the car in December, and love it. Whomever owned it previously couldn't park judging by the minor curb rash on all 4 rims. I've got about 32k on the car and factory tires. I'd like to make the set on the car now my track set of wheels, and a brand new set my daily driving set with a set of new factory Michelin pilot super sports.

The current Michelins ride nice, and honestly the straightest alignment/smoothest road feel in any car I've ever owned to date so I think it'd be wise to stick with what works. offers OE wheels at a decent cost, are they repos? I'd rather just buy from the dealer (ughhh) if that is the case. Anyone know anything about them? Does anyone have any suggestions or input for what I'm looking to do?

I don't plan to turn the car into a track beast. I plan on enjoying it as is, maybe a CAI and pulley job is about as far as I'd go, simple bolt-ons that can be easily put back to stock.

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