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FE-4 Front Struts

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I am having trouble finding FE-4 front struts for my 05 V.

The dealership doesn't have them and cannot get them.
Summit said they had them, but they had to cancel my order after 3mo of not being able to get them.
Neither ACDelco, GM or Sachs (actual OEM) list them.

I found a pair from AutoZone from Sachs that says compatible with FE-1 and FE-4. However, when tried, the spring cup doesn't allow the FE-4 spring to sit correctly. I was hoping that we could transfer over the spring cups, but no luck.

Are there any other known options besides paying lots of $$ for a lowering setup or going to FE-1?
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Welcome! There's not a lot of V1 owners here uunfortunately, so you may not get much help on this particular subject. All are welcome, but it's mostly V2 & V3 owners. Plenty of LS engine knowledge though. You might get more responses on LS1tech. At least when I had my '05 they had a pretty active V1 forum, but that's been a few years ago. Or maybe a V1 FB group? Good luck! I had the FG2 suspension and even several years ago they were impossible to find.
Thanks for the welcome, and for the pointer. It is appreciated.

Off to LS1tech I go.
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