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Event to "Celebrate Bob Lutz" on July 29, Ypsilanti, Michigan

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Dear CTS-V Owners:
I am on a committee of volunteers who are creating an event to honor the Marine and automotive icon Bob Lutz, and need a few CTS-V's for a special display, specifically a CTS-v sedan, CTS-V Sportwagon, and CTS-V Coupe. This will part of a 33 car display of his career, starting with Opel, through BMW, then Ford, and finally back to General Motors. Former and current automotive executives are speakers, as will be "Maximum Bob." All proceeds from the event are donated to the U.S. Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation charity. The event is limited to 200 cars total, and 400 people, as Bob, now 91 years young, wants to be able to personally meet all in attendance. A set of his GUTS books, autographed by him, and one of his current models, will be auctioned off, all proceeds to the Marine charity. Bob, gaain doing things that no one else can do, makes models of WWII fighter aircraft and 1950's era F1 race cars, entirely out of paper, with no plans nor kit, just by looking at photos. His latest was a Bugatti Type 35 that is only 6" long, which I have attached. What else would you expect from a guy fluent in 6 languages, can operate a CNC machine, regularly hits 150 weekly on public roads, and has a pet pig that can say "Ba-Nan-Na." Send me an email of your interest, and I will email you info on how to register. Because of limitations, can only accept a very few CTS-V's. Thanks. Jon Block [email protected]
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Wow, sounds like an incredible event for a cool guy. And for others too - Where’s it located?

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Registrants will be given detailed instructions. It is a charity event, with a $50/pp donation to the US Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation charity the admission, but we can only take 5 CTS-V's, because of Bob's request to be able to actually meet all in attendance. And he made a top of cool cars from Opel, to BMW (including the phrase, "The Ultimate Driving Machine,"), to Ford (creating the Explorer) to Chrysler (creating the Viper) and finally to GM, creating a ton of stuff including the CTS-V's and Corvette C8. One in a lifetime event.
Sounds like an awesome opportunity! Wish I was closer.
I am hoping to find and attreact a few nice CTS-V's...a Sportwagon, Sedan, and Coupe. Were it not for Bob Lutz, they would not exist
in the B-17 hanger at Willow Run Airport. Detailed directions are given to those who register for the event, a charity for the U.S. Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, of which Bob Lutz is a Trustee. Former and current automotive executives will speak, as will Bob. Commemorative Program Book, Dave Bennett Trio will play, 35 cars highlighting his career will be displayed, each with personal signage. Bob is 91 and still drives faster that we do.
There would be no CTS-V automobiles is it were not for Bob Lutz. Former and current design staff and executives attending and speaking from BMW, Ford, Chrysler/Stellantis, and General Motors. Registrations will be full soon. let me know if any are interested in attending.
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