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EOS vs. OEM V3 front splitter comparison pictures

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yup, I'm in the club and cracked my first carbon fiber splitter. Bought an EOS replacement from Vladi at Street Driven Performance and took a few pictures comparing the two before I install the new EOS splitter. While the quality of the carbon fiber looks “ok” and most people wouldn't notice the difference, it has really bad fitment issues as many have reported. I'm going to have to dremmel quite a bit of material off to get it to fit properly.

I'll arrange the pictures in sections below with pics of the OEM first and the EOS version second for comparison. My original OEM splitter is obviously the one with the crack.

Here we go.....

When looking overhead you'll see that the sides of the splitter go much deeper under the bumper. There are a bunch of pre-drilled holes that do not line up so I'll have to open those up enough to insert the original mounting screws. You'll also notice the OEM version has four tabs in the center that insert under the lower grill which are not on the EOS version. And I'm realizing that I should have taken a pictures of the underside. The OEM version has tabs under the center to mount it to the bottom of the bumper fascia. The EOS splitter has the tabs but do not have holes drilled which I'll need to do to mount it properly. All in all, what would you expect for $445 as compared to $1,500+ for a new OEM splitter.

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Here are shots of the carbon fiber itself to see how different the weave is. The OEM is much more uniform, lays evenly flat, and the black weave material isn't reflective as the EOS version. But what would you expect for $445 as compared to $1,500+ for a new OEM splitter. 😕

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While it is real carbon fiber and is book matched as you'll see below, the line isn't straight and the diagonal matching isn't nearly as aligned. But what would you expect for $445 as compared to $1,500+ for a new OEM splitter. 😞

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Here are pics of the dry fit. I didn't push the original splitter all the way in, but it's evenly right up against the lower grill mesh whereas the EOS splitter has a big gap in the center and the sides. I'll need to shave off material from the left and right corners to get it perfectly butted up against the grill. But what would you expect for $445 as compared to $1,500+ for a new OEM splitter. 😣

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Here is the worst fitment issue that'll require some material removed in order to push the splitter up against the grill and also pushed about an inch underneath the bumper fascia on the left. But what would you expect for $445 as compared to $1,500+ for a new OEM splitter. 😩

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Hopefully this thread may be able to answer many of the questions in the various threads out there. Now only if we had similar shots comparing the WeaponX version which people keep saying is much better quality. ;)

One last note, I procured this V3 carbon fiber splitter from Vladi of Street Driven Performance and it's manufactured by EOS. This is the same exact carbon fiber splitter that is all over Ebay or from a number of other vendors out there. The point that I'm trying to make is that they are all EOS. The identifier is the low sub $500 price range as WeaponX is the only other vendor out there making these and their price is around $900.


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Your experience was the same as mine. Part from a car in front on the highway kicked up and tapped my splitter and even though it had PPF, the impact still cracked it. I shaved and trimmed the EOS piece and fitment is just OK. I had to polish mine as well given a few minor love marks here and there. As you said, at a 1/3 of the price, expectations should be set. If there was a good middle ground option I probably would have went for it.
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