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Engine Rebuild Opinions

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New to the CTS-V world. Got a 2014 CTS-V that blew up shortly after I bought it (2 cracked sleeves, 2 broke pistons and 1 melting)
Was wondering what your guys thoughts are for parts. should I just get good pistons and a new gm block or can you resleeve?
And also the boost guage was pegged at 20psi on more than half throttle, is that too much?
here are the mods-
BTR Stage 2 PDS Cam
ZL1 Blower Lid
Reinforced Brick
Airaid Cold Air Intake
Stainless Works long tube headers and exhaust to stock muffler
Innovators West Balancer with 9.20 pulley
2.45 upper pulley
Gates green belt
Oversized heat exchanger reservoir
Weapon X heat exchanger
FIC 80 lb injectors
Deatschwerks Duel fuel pumps
102 mm? Throttle body
Ported snout and (supercharger?)
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Search for Mr. Surly build thread. He has the perfect parts list for your rebuild.
Holy hell. 20psi??
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Holy hell. 20psi??
Just a little smaller upper....
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