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Effectiveness of twin pumps vs single larger pump w trunk tank setup?

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Curious if anyone has tested out something like twin Davies Craig 150's in series (one at rear of trunk tank and one up front to help push return) and compared it to the effectiveness of a single high output pump like a reprogrammed EMP or CWA400?

Some benefits to the twin pump setup I could think of is one could run the single pump for daily use and switch the secondary pump using a manual switch only for the track. A single davies craig keeps IATS on my 2.45/9/06 in check just fine for short street pulls and is even fine for 1/4 mile in cooler weather. you'd only need the secondary pump switched on for more extreme conditions.

It would get around the huge amp draw of running a single large pump without some sort of controller. Even twin davies craig's shouldn't draw as much as a reprogrammed EMP or CWA400.

The DC's are super reliable. Haven't actually ever heard of a failure, but I know a few vendors who stopped selling EMP's because of them. CWA's seem to hold up a bit better.

Real question is though, does it work? The DC has issues pushing against resistance. How much adding a second one on the return side would help, IDK. I'm sure it would be an improvement over a single DC, but would it come close to a CWA or EMP? Hoping maybe guys with more engineering/fluid dynmaics could be of some help there.
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