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Educate Me re: GM “TECH 2” Devices (Buying)

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Considering purchasing a device to allow the full bleeding procedure of my ABS system (disassembled for months, stating from scratch).
After trying all the work-arounds, I am clearly not winning; will need to acquire a Tech 2 or similar to bleed the system.
I have done many searches of the web including eBay amazon, etc and I am more confused than ever. Can someone point me towards a SPECIFIC unit they have bought or used and also tell me what accessories/software/licenses/adapters are also needed?
It appears there are offerings from 200 to 2500 bux. There “candi interfaces” there are software pkgs, so confusing!
The car has ZERO pedal, taking it somewhere is not an option and I like to have tools anyway but I am lost about what to buy and what to avoid.
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You should be able to bleed ABS by triggering it. Bleed the brakes the normal way, fill it, drive around and do hard breaking to trigger abs a few times, after that bleed and fill again, and ABS should be g2g.
That's how I've done it on a few cars. Tech 2 would be nice to have thu

Obviously if you have no brakes at all, you would need to go to the stealership, or buy the damn tool.
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Obviously if you have no brakes at all, you would need to go to the stealership, or buy the damn tool.
This is where I am unless I can come up with a trick
Replaced all brake lines on my GM truck and did as described above. Normal bleeding then cycled key a bunch of times (read that on the interwebs) and was 90%. Drove around a bit and then rebled a couple days later and has been fine for years. I read that I’d need a Tech 2 to activate all the ABS solenoids or whatever but wasn’t the case.
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Another trick that you can do is to bleed with the engine running so that you get the assistance from the brake booster.

I had a racecar that was being really picky with bleeding properly and that did the trick but you've gotta get a little pedal pressure going first.
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For various family vehicles beyond the CTS, I'd be curious about people with success with a specific Tech2 clone as I find myself similarly confused on what's worth a damn, what has what functionality, etc.

I currently need to reset the alcohol content on my parents Tahoe, which requires a 2 way scanner of some capability to do it, and a $2k Snap On or Autel ain't in the cards right now.

Edit: out of curiosity are you pumping pedal, or using a pressure bleeder or a vacuum bleeder? Or all of the above?
I typically use Pneumatic Brake Fluid Bleeder with Auto-Refill Kit if no one is around. I prefer an assistant pumping the pedal but can usually get it done with this tool. Biggest issue is figuring if air bubbles are actually coming from the brakes or being sucked in around the cap that goes over the bleeder. I just over do it and waste more fluid than needed but gotta do what you gotta do.
I have a Thinktool scanner $1500 bucks off of Amazon and it does the bleeding along with most anything else. I think it is down to like $1200 bucks now that it is approaching two years old.
2.actual refrigeration vacuum pump
3. Pumping without a helper
4. pumping pedal with an air-op setup I made
(allows remote air valve-controlled pumping but it’s just too slow at cycling… but it beats no assistant at all.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Light Black Automotive design

It’s ultimately not a fix for this.


Today I was able to borrow THIS Ultimate OBD-inator!!!!

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tire Automotive design Wheel

I’ll betcha THIS thing can do it!
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Used the Autel system to bleed the brakes. I DID run the ABS pumps and I DO HAVE SOME PEDAL, now. I will still need to follow up with manual bleeding to finish it. I was disappointed by how relatively slow the program was to use and the fact that it wouldn’t let me run a circuit again or trigger one manually. It had a programmed routine that steps you through all four circuits and if one needs more attention (needs to be repeated) then you have to run the full routine again and you can’t rush or skip any portion. It also required pedal-pumping(!) and my little “air-op pedal pumper” actually came in very handy. The Autel system DID get me out of a bind by running the ABS pumps so it was a win. I’ve never used a Tech2 and now I’m wondering if it operates the same way.
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I was able to bleed my ABS system using an Autel MK808 and it was super easy, great pedal feel and you should bleed the brakes normally again after doing it. Then the pedal feel is great. Honestly the Autel is a good scanner but you can't expect it to be as fast as a Tech2 or Snap-on given the price.
MrSurly, did you get this figured out? I bet its the mityvac not enough pressure and flow, When I worked on mercs they required 2.5 bar with hydraulic hose to bleed the system. I also use my system to bleed GM manual transmissions master/slave in like 2mins, takes longer to hook it all up than to bleed M6's

I have posted about my aftermarket TECH 2 somewhere on here.

this example allows to emulate a GM tech 2 and also for programing factory modules as well as long as you buy a subscription $45 per vin for 2 years or at least it used to be VXDIAG VCX Nano Compatible for GM/OPEL with GDS2 and Tech2WIN System Diagnostic Tool : Automotive

AC Delco TDS subscription (this is not needed to bleed the brakes)

my preferred bleeder, much less expensive than the power Probe electric pump version. GEARWRENCH Air Pump Brake Bleeder Tank - 3795D : Automotive

adapter full kit (*** you'll need a coupler to fit from the bleeder hose to these power probe brake/transmission adaptors I can't remember the name or letter it was I'll have to keep looking) Power Probe BAKIT01 Master Brake Bleeder Kit : Automotive

GM Brakes adaptor Power Probe BA04 Brake Bleeder Adapter : Automotive

GM M6 Clutch adapter (Merc brake adaptor)
Power Probe BA05 (

Brake fluid catch (may want 2 of these, the bleeder moves lots of fluid) Allstar Performance ALL11017 Bleeder Bottle with Magnet and Check Valve , White : Automotive
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