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this is the info was looking for. Thank you. Also how long have you been running the dw300’s i hear theres reliability issues but i hear the same stories for aem pumps and some tuners wont even sell them..
Being an f body lover and kind of a purist i cant be the guy to cut a glory hole willingly in perfectly good floor for a fuel pump hatch so im doing it the hard way and would love more than anything to only do it once and be good to go for a while. And i hate pump boosters cause its one more thing that can fail with potential to really be catastrophic
I have been running the DW300c pumps in combination with the ID1050x injectors with zero issues. It is very thoughtful that DW now includes the 80-90psi PRV with the pump kits. There are times when I am at 70psi on the fuel, and with the PRV upgrade I am not just dumping fuel back into the tank. The area of higher demand I find is in the neighborhood between 16-17lbs of boost WOT. I suggest you check your timing and fuel mix at the higher levels. If you have not already, re-scale your spark tables in order to get accurate info to analyze. At 17lbs I am between 2.60-2.75 cylinder air mass, and 10.3 AFR fuel mix 92. Deactivate the supercharger solenoid, and make sure to enter the correct value for your throttle body and intake diameter. I set my tables to command 100% on the stock FPCM voltage to run the pumps in high demand range, the DWs draw more current than the stock pumps, so it is not an issue for limited periods of time, I have not had any electrical issues, no blown fusses. I also run both engine fans at 90% constant.

I am essentially running this exact same setup, and make around 800 RWHP on ethanol. I street drive my car every day, as it's my daily. Has been working well for me for a couple years now.
Good to hear, just completed an overall inspection of my car after tracking Saturday, just had to add a little torque on a valve cover. It's a great feeling to have an OEM engine built and warranted for this kind of extreme power out of the box!
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