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Dumped Puppies

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Some asshat. Dumped puppies in the middle of a back road . I almost ran over 2 of them. I couldn't just leave them to get run over or the coyotes to get them. Dallas/east texas area. Lemme know if anyone is interested.
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Man, THANK YOU for picking them up. You're a righteous dude! I'm in East Texas, but I am no longer able to keep pets as I live alone and travel too frequently (i.e. In Guantanamo Bay at this moment).
I now have a surrogate pet... A Jack Russel Terrier that I got for my grandson and that little pupper I think of as mine and he 100% owns me! The daughter's whole family lived in my house at the time so the pup was raised there. They now have their own place one BLOCK away... so I see him all the time. Something about dogs.... They can sure draw you in.

Thank you for doing the Lord's Work.
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