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DP6X cam

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Can someone tell me the specs on a DP6X camshaft please
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Tried and they don’t know anything or at least the guy I talked to
A quick application of the SEARCH button reveals that the only discussion of that cam around these parts was a decade ago.
A look at DP's site suggests they don't "speak Cadillac" at least not these days....they are in the lofty lambo & R8 world, no time for plebes.
Where are you finding a DP cam offered for sale?
The most instructive post in the search is this one:
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Just bought a cts and that’s the cam in it but the guy I bought it from didn’t have the specs
Well, it's possible to learn the cam's specs by using a degree wheel and dial indicator and a good bit of effort...OR you could pull it out and send to someone to run CamDoctor on it, OR....

get with one of the people who do such things professionally and correctly such as @Lt1z and have them determine the cam specs that fit with your needs and your plan and have them spec a cam for you...them replace the mystery cam in your engine with a properly purpose-matched cam.
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