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Diff cooler needed for drag racing/standing mile?

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About 2 years ago I got a good deal on a new weapon x diff cooler kit, which I held off installing due to needing my rear differential being replaced under warranty. I never got around to installing the diff cooler kit, but as time has gone by, I'm not so sure I need one as I don't plan to track this car on a road course. I don't see many people running these for drag racing, and I don't plan to go any faster than low 10's/high 9's with my build. Am I better off selling the kit to fund other modifications?
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Don’t see a point in using a diff cooler on a 1/4 mile v, road racing sure, drag racing not imho
Yeah I don’t think it’s necessary unless you’re putting the car on a road course frequently
Being the contrarian, I think a diff cooler is probably a great idea even on a STOCK V if the car will see any real highway use. Just cruising the interstate at 80-85 reportedly gets these diffs very very hot. Much hotter than other designs, for a couple of reasons. At this time I don’t have direct data but I DO plan to gather it soon.
In short, drag racing would be the ONE application where the cooler would not be indicated… but a cooler would likely be a great idea in every other venue, especially standing mile or roll racing.
There are Temperature stickers you can stick on the surface of the differential to tell the temp of the differential.

A rear differential pump & filter & cooler and lines can get expensive and it will drop the temp approximately 20*- 40* degrees depending on the size of the cooler

We have found the best lubricant to be Mobil 1 75w140 synthetic gear oil and it all ready has the additives add into it.
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