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I just swapped my lower to a 9.06, haven't run it yet (still need a belt) but wondering if I made the right decision.

Before, my setup was a 2.45 upper with stock lower on a stock LSX B15 376 with a Jokerz ported blower/snout, LS3 ported TB and ZL1 reinforced brick. I have a 5 gallon trunk tank, EWP150 and custom front mount HX.

The setup made about 13.5 PSI, 660RWHP on a mustang Dyno on E85. For my IATS, last time I tracked the car the ambient temp was about 75 degrees. I sat idling in staging for about 20 minutes, started with 90* IAT1 and 91 Degree IAT2. Finished the pass with 135*

Had a mishap that damaged the factory balancer so I had to replace it anyway, and I figured why do the work and not upgrade, but i'm having second thoughts about the 9.06. I really want the blower to have a decently long life. I don't daily drive it, but I do drive it as much as I can, and do long trips. Also a little worried about IATS. I want to be able to beat on the car and not worry. I mostly drag race it, but if the opportunity came to put it on a road course I wouldn't want to be worried about killing something with high IAT's or cooking the blower.

I'm hoping since the B15 head flow is a little better and the cam is a little bigger than a stock LSA that I shouldn't be heating up the blower as much as the same combo would on a stock LSA?
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