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Defrost Aeroforce install

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Wanted to see how you guys hid this thick ass Aeroforce wire when installing the defrost pod under a pillar. I searched but nothing on how you ran the wire or stuck it too the plastic running along to the bottom. I was debating cutting the cover off the wires and stuffing the wires in the crease one by one
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So my pod has a hole in the back of it to run the wires I assume along the trim but the wire is too thick to force it into the seams of the trim, so where’d you drill your hole to run the wires down. Like actually in the vent you drilled and ran the wire down into the dash like that ?

The defroster vent pod I installed mine in I had to drill a hole in the neck of it and feed the wires through or else they would've been forced to go down into the vent. Then ran the wires down through the dash to the OBD port. Then I sealed the hole and behind the gauge with some heat blocking putty i bought at Home Depot
Or if you just ran in down near the door gasket what did you stick it with ?
Yeah, my pod didn't have a hole in the back.
Ok so how did you run the wires down to under the steering wheel without seeing the wires
I don't think we are on the same page here. My defroster vent pod for my aeroforce interceptor does not have a hole in the back of it for the wires to come out (which can kinda be seen in the Aeroforce website photo i put below). The wires have to come up through the defroster vent into the pod. So they are never seen exiting the dash into the pod. The hole that I drilled in it is in the part of the neck that is already down in the dash I don't know how to better illustrate what I'm talking about. And my car is in the bady shop so i cant even take pictures for you. You need to Google the installation of the pod. There are a handful of videos showing it installed in camaros which will at least show you what I mean about the wires NOT BEING SEEN OUTSIDE OF THE DASH. If you're wires come out the BACK of the pod itself then our vent mounts are not the same. View attachment 158253
Ok now I understand you just drilled a hole down to run the wires thank you for clearing that up I’ll see what I’m going to do I don’t know if I want to drill a hole or not
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