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I was nice but stern complaining about noise while turning left, they said they would rebuild it. I told them the GM knows about the gear issue and they should replace it new, they agreed.
Than said GM wouldn't warranty it if the motor or computer has been changed. I told him everything is still factory, he laughed because he can hear and see the difference, after all she's running 563rwhp and loud as hell. They fixed it for free and I tipped the service guy and mechanic $50 each. good to go for another 4 years.

2014 CTSV sedan

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So what were your mods?

I like your style BTW. They hooked you up and in return you payed for a nice steak dinner for each of them.

Glad you didn’t have to wait for your diff.

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160 thermo
2 inch headers
3 inch exshaust pipes with Corso tour, Sounds like open header when at WOT.
ported TB
Replaced both upper and lower pulleys (supercharger whine is crazy)
Bigger injectors
Motor and transmission tuned by Don @ slowhawk performance MA.
I'm sure I forgot something.

TIP: They were happy to receive it. My thoughts were, you guys will remember me next time. I call it cheap insurance.

I'm working on this now:

C5R block
Callies dragon slayer 4.0" crank
Comp star rods (made by Callies)
Weseco pistons -8 cc
ETP 225cc heads , ported to 232cc by WCCH 2.12 intake 1,94 exhaust valves, .700" lift valve springs
Cam 255/257 .624/.624 lift on 111 +4
Super Victor intake
105mm TB with custom elbow
Stock rockers
LS7 lifters
ported oil pump
dual roller timing chain

255L intank pump
60lb injectors
custome feed/return lines with regulator

FLT level 6 with hardened input/output shafts
Yank SS3600 stall
SFI flexplate

3.73 gears,heavy duty posi unit
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