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Darton sleeve correct part number.

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Hello all, was wondering if anyone knew the correct part number for darton sleeve for LSA. Unfortunately I have cracked sleeve and piston and can't seem to find darton sleeves anywhere.

Found one guy who has darton sleeves but he isn't sure if it's right one, the part number is 300-026.

Thanks all.
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This is what was used in my aluminum 5.3 block which is now virtually identical to an LSA, minus piston squirters. If I remember right it was 12 weeks from Darton. Nobody has shelf stock. LA sleeve is another option.

If you are only replacing a single sleeve I’m not sure if you’ll want -DF (dual flange) or no flange. Dual flange is for when you’re between two other darton sleeves. These are 4.000” bore so your machine shop has to open them up to 4.070”.
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Thanks, I'm doing all cylinders so I guess df is the way to go.

Anyone ever do the M.I.D sleeve.?
If you're doing the whole block, you'll need the quantities and part numbers I have above. DF on the center two cylinders, SF on the outside. Really you could use 8 of the DF and you'd have a small open space on the outside sleeves. It was about $1250 shipped for everything in early 2021

This was the email contact I had.
[email protected]

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Yuup that's the I found, same price pretty much aswell.

thanks alot for the reinsurance.
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