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D3 Performance Engineering CTSV ProEFI Package Special

ProEFI is hands down one of the most powerful ECUs on the market, with a large emphasis on engine protection and durability. We at D3 Performance Engineering are one of the leading master dealers for ProEFI, as well as aiding in product development, testing, and training, we have now put together a full plug and play system and sensor package for the 2009-2014 CTSV. This package allows much more control and safety to be used on high performance builds with such things as safety faults, advanced boost control, traction control, nitrous control, fuel pump staging, etc, and all this while keeping all the OEM functionality thanks to its seamless integration into the OEM CAN bus system.

What can the ProEFI do and what are its features?

*Injectors and Coils? – The ProEFI internally has 16 coil drivers and can run 8 injectors sequential and another 8 with those semi-sequential.

*Inputs? - There are 32 analog inputs which will be preconfigured for anything you want to do... I.E. plug in a fuel pressure sensor and it automatically activates the trims associated with it. Put a Nitrous pressure sensor on your car and the computer trims fuel accordingly to bottle pressure. Everything can be logged.

*10 Low side driver outputs - You can configure these to do whatever you can imagine. Also these will all support 4+ amps each!!

*Built in widebands!! – No middle man wideband controller, the sensors wire directly into the ecu.

*True volumetric efficiency - So things like injector and pressure changes don’t have to be calculated and multiple maps changed, it’s all done in the background by simply entering your injector size and base fuel pressure. Actually knowing the injector size and fuel pressure, this allows us to make instantaneous feedback changes to things like fuel pressure not staying constant, without relying on the O2 sensor for delayed information. Changing fuel type is as simple as entering the stoichiometric ratio for the fuel used.

*Fault coding – Check engine light will tell you fault codes to help diagnose problems. Actions can be assigned with the fault codes. I.E. low oil pressure triggers a fault code, and activates a low rpm limiter or shuts off the engine. O2 sensor faults will automatically turn off block learning and closed loop feedback. Also the fault codes will be the same as the original ECU!!!

*Traction control – multiple comprehensive traction control strategies including defined wheel speed differential between driven and non-driven wheels.

*True knock sensing capability with specific knock frequency detection based upon the specific engine being monitored.

*Multiple failsafe conditions making it nearly impossible to damage your engine in the case of tuning errors or mechanical malfunctions. I.E. lean, and knock conditions can be used to turn off nitrous, shut down boost etc….

*O.E.M. manufactured ECU’s – The ECU’s are built by an O.E. manufacturer, so all ecu are 100% tested for vibration, temperature, loading etc… BEFORE you install them into your vehicle. Pro EFI ECU’s are as reliable as the factory units you take out. No more being stranded on the side of the road, or waiting weeks or months to get an issue repaired with the confidence of rolling the dice.

*Nitrous control:

Up to 4 stages!!

Control by speed, time, gear etc.....

Just enter the number of jets, jet size and target a/f and it does the rest!!

Add a nitrous bottle pressure sensor and it adjusts accordingly to pressure!!

Unlike other ECU's, you can target different a/fs for Nitrous with this unit in closed loop, or open loop, since the computer is based solely on V.E. it doesn't rely on the O2 sensor for hitting the desired a/f ratio. It does this based upon volumetric efficiency and desired equivalency ratio. Therefore there is less work for the O2 to do in closed loop, eliminating the chance for lean spikes typical of running nitrous!!!!

*Fuel pressure compensation:

With the simple addition of a fuel pressure sensor, the computer will monitor and compensate for various fuel pressure. Let’s say that you have a pump that is tired and your fuel pressure is not rising 1-1 anymore. The computer will know and add necessary fuel. Also if the pressure really gets unstable causing the computer to add too much pulse width, it will trigger a check engine light. It can also be set to initiate fuel cut, turn off the boost control, shut off NOS and lower the rev limiter. These safe guards can be triggered by the fuel pressure alone, by O2 activity or a number of other things!!

*Boost Control Strategies for Turbo cars or Supercharged setups with a wastegate for boost bleeding:

Will be able to utilize dual solenoids to control pressure to both the top and bottom ports on any wastegate. This will give you VERY accurate control!!

Will be able to control boost by speed.

Will be able to control boost by time. Therefore if you spin the tires, and the vehicle speed sensor puts the boost map into a zone for higher boost.... the computer will know that it is wrong and hold the boost down until a certain amount of time.

Will control boost based on traction control. Traction control will be based on wheel speed differential!!

This computer will also know what gear you are in by simply entering gear ratios from the service manual, rear end ratio and tire size!!

*Lean condition safety features:

In the case of a lean condition under certain circumstances (IE load, time etc) the computer can be programmed to shut down nitrous, lower boost, initiate fuel cut, initiate a rev limiter for a programmed duration of time until safe conditions return. This can also then be programmed to throw a code and activate the check engine light.

Being that the ProEFI is an OEM ecu, what are its environmental ratings?

- The ecu is designed to meet automotive industry standard under hood environmental requirements for 12volt and 24 volt systems, and also meets marine industry environmental requirements.
- Validation tests included extreme operating tempatures (-40C to +105C), thermal shock, humidity, salt spray, salt fog, immersion, fluid resistance, mechanical shock, vibration, and EMC.
- Storage temperature : -40 degrees F to 257 degrees F (-40 to +125 C)
- Operating temperature: -40 degrees F to 221 degrees F (-40 TO +105 C)
- Thermal Shock: -40 to +125 C transistion within 10s for 500 cycles
- Fluid resistance: Two and four stroke motor oil, unleaded gasoline, and ASTM reference “C” fuel
- Humidity resistance: 85% humidity at 85 C for 1000 hours of operation
- Salt fog resistance: 1000 hours
- Immersion: Submersible in 8% salt water solution to 10’
- Mechanical shock: 50 hours of 50 g’s
- Drop: Random drop tests on concrete from 6’
- Vibration: Engine mountable and tested to high performance levels

The D3 Performance Engineering CTSV ProEFI Package Special includes:
- Production Pro128 ECU
- CTSV plug and play harness
- 5 Bar map sensor kit
- Intake air temp kit
- Fuel pressure sensor kit
- Oil pressure sensor kit
- 2x LSU 4.2 wideband sensor kits

Normal retail is $3784.97 plus S/H, we are offering the package for $3406.47 shipped for all members! For questions or to place an order call 832-230-1094 or email [email protected] today!
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