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Every few months my 2014 throws a B0014, symptom 0D: Driver seat side air bag deployment loop resistance above threshold (> 3.9Ω). The first time it happened I verified the high resistance with a Tech 2:

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Next I pulled the airbag fuses, applied some dielectric to the terminals on the connector near the front of the driver's seat, and re-plugged. At least once I removed the seat back and did the same with the seat belt pre-tensioner connector. Problem solved... for a few months.

Now when I get the code, I pull the fuses and re-plug the connector near the front of the seat. But I'm getting tired of this and wanted to replace the terminals with new (gold plated) ones.

I have the factory service manual and the connector is X350 (or X345, there is some LHD/RHD confusion with these two numbers). The connector end views and part numbers shown in the manual do not match what's present on my car. It shows 2 and 4 position connectors that snap together (this is what my 2007 C6 Z06 has):

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What my car has is a single 4 position connector. It has several part numbers on it:
  • 1-2141402-4
  • 1718857-3
  • 1-1716660-1C
But I'm having trouble finding any info about the connectors or terminals. Looking on TE Connectivity: Connectors & Sensors for Harsh Environments, some of the numbers are listed as "restricted product" with no other information.

Really, I just want half a dozen of the gold plated version of the female terminal, anybody know what the part number is?

Here are some pictures of the connector:

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The ONLY absolute 100% fix for airbag connector codes is to cut the connectors out and solder the wires directly. (Assuming the person doing the soldering actually knows how to solder properly.)

Cut out the connector, strip the wires and slide some shrink tubing down one of the wires. Put the wires facing and alongside each other. Twist the wires together inline as tightly as you can. Solder the wires making sure the solder melts into both the wires. Slide the shrink tubing over, shrink it and you're done! The high resistance codes will not come back and the airbag system will work as designed if or when it's needed.


Trust me... (lol)

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