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CTS not shifting in to 4rd. Engine Power reduced and more

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Hey guys,
I have a problem with my Cadillac CTS 2010.
It is happening just sometimes when and I don’t find a solution.
Speedometer Trip computer Odometer Tachometer Automotive lighting

my Cadillac reduces the power, only shift to the 3rd and only can go up to 4000 rpm. Also the parking assist and cruise control doesn’t work.
Manual shifting doesn’t work.

Has anyone a idea how to fix? I already changed the transmission fluid. I know that the fuel sensor must be replaced but I don’t know if this is causing so much trouble.
U can’t read the error code
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If you can't read the DTC codes you need to get it to a service center. Otherwise you will be throwing money into the wind.
Strange thing is that u only can’t connect when the error happens. It’s like the car is blocking.
It's got a check engine led on in the photo so you should be able to pull the code to figure out the issue causing it.

Mine went to reduced power mode when I had a bad throttle body. Was easy to figure out and fix with the diagnostic code.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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