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CTS 3.6 Premium Luxury

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Just bought a CTS 3.6P Luxury and how is that different from the CTS-V? I'm not a real deep 'car guy' but have always had an interest if great cars.
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Better question is anything the same?

I think the sunroof.

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The difference is the CTS V is the world class performance version. It comes with a supercharged 6.2L V8. There also is a mid tier model call the CTS V sport. The CTS V has larger/better Brembo brakes and you can option it out with carbon fiber parts.

CTS- 268 Hp -335 HP

CTS V Sport= 420 HP

CTS V= 640 HP, 200 MPH top speed

It appears you have a GenII CTS, not sure what year. Your CTS (not the CTS-V) with the 3.6L engine has approximately 300+ horsepower - and it is an oil guzzler. The most important thing you need to do with this engine is make sure the oil level is maintained using a quality synthetic oil similar to Mobil1 5W-30. You may be needing a timing gear change soon depending on mileage as well, and that will throw a P008 code. That's for later.

The similar GenII CTS-V is a 556 hp monster with a totally different engine and drivetrain as well as brakes. The body is identical, the interior is identical.

Here is the Forum you need to be on. The guys over there are quite knowledgeable with your vehicle just like the guys over on this V Forum you are currently reading this on know the CTS-V. Here is the link, go check it out:
CTS GenII - Cadillac Forums
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At least it's not a NorthStar engine!
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