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Hey guys i start my project next week and just had a question on the installation of the lower pulley with the ati super damper. i have some resources for the installation but saw something about measuring damper depth? I also read the instructions that cam with the ati not sure if this is the same:

Press fit of the hub to the crankshaft is vital to transfer harmonics to the damper assembly. Recommended press is as follows: Crankshaft OD Interference Crankshaft OD Interference 1.0000" - 1.2500"-------------.0009" to .0012" 1.6010" - 2.0000"-------------.0006" to .0008" 1.2510" - 1.3750"-------------.0008" to .0011" 2.0010" - 2.5000"-------------.0005" to .0007" 1.3750" - 1.6000"-------------.0007" to .0009" GM cranks are typically to tolerance +/- .0001 (one ten thousandth). If you are using an OEM GM crank you can hone the damper hub as follows: Big Block:--------------------------hone to 1.5993" +/- .0001" Small Block:-----------------------hone to 1.2453" +/- .0001"

confused on this final part but glad i continued the go through some final notes as i probably would have just proceeded without taking this step.

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All of those numbers are referring to the diameters of the crank snout and the hub bore.
They are a reference but likely of no use to you. Use a hub install tool (threaded press bolt tool) and press it on.
~~As far as I know~~
EDIT… reading that ATI sheet it sounds like ATI purposely builds them too tight and you will have to hone it(!)
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