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Coupe Clear Euro Tail lights

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Does anyone know where I can order a set of coupe Euro tail lights?
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I have been trying to get a hold of a set for awhile I finally got part numbers which I thought would I’d be good to go but not yet … I’ve gone as far as hitting up tuner shops on Instagram that are in Europe with no luck down the road as of yet
I may or may not have been down this road. I want them, but there are many wants above these on my list.

Disclaimer: THIS INFORMATION WAS CURRENT IN MAY 2021. Use this information at your own peril.

If you are looking for part number 22821715 ($800 in May 2021), then there are only two sets left. Not sure if these dealers are fully aware of this. There WERE three, but one turned out to be that someone returned their red lenses as this part number to get a full refund. Douchebag.

Also, there is no V clear third brake light. Only base CTS clear third brake light was ever made. It will install on your trunk. If you want a spoiler, order a base model spoiler. The V light is only taller than the base, the two share the same footprint on the trunk panel.

Herb Chambers Cadillac in Providence RI, 401-467-6600
Williamson Cadillac in S Florida, 305-670-7100

Call the dealer. Order your part. Post a picture once they're installed.
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