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I note that there have been some posts where the names of the different components within our supercharger intercooling system have caused a little confusion.
For the sake of consistency, we should probably start using the correct component terminology.

I offer:

The action of supercharging creates heat - compressing air heats the air - but engines work better with cool air, hence the reason for a ...
- Water to Air Intercooler System.

The CTS-V intercooler system is made up primarily of three sub-systems. There are:
- Two (2) heat exchanger sub-systems, and
- One reticulation system

The heat exchanger at the front of the vehicle that is typically mounted in front of the engine coolant radiator and HVAC condensor, is the:
- Low Temperature Intercooling Radiator (LTR)
The heat exchanger(s) typically mounted within the intake manifold between the supercharger discharge port and the cylinder heads is/are the:
- Charge Air Coolers (CAC's)

The plumbing (fittings/hoses/tubes/etc) and the electric pump that transport the cooling medium (water blend) to/from the LTR & CAC's make up the bulk of the reticulation system. Some vehicles (not the CTS-V) also have a reservoir/degassing-tank. While an increased volume of coolant can help delay the effect of the intercooler system becoming heat soaked, the typical benefit of a well designed "reservoir" is the ability to ensure all air is purged from the system.

Hope this helps. Feel free to critique.
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