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Correct replacement OEM magnetic ride shocks for 2012 Sedan?

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My 2012 sedan with 119,000 miles needs new magnetic ride shocks. From what I've been able to glean from various forum posts, it appears the OEM Delco parts are available from Rock Auto:

580-1055 & 580-1056 (1 each)
580-1044 (2)

I wanted to verify that these are the correct parts before I spend $1400.

Thanks, -Bob
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Bought mine from Rockauto. One went bad just before a year and they made it good. I buy a bunch of stuff from Rockauto since their warranty is great. Do understand that shipping is where they get you. Yes, they are GM original parts.
Thanks for the confirmation. Rock Auto does seem to be the best deal on these. Did your replacement that failed at just before a year start leaking?
Sadly, yes it started leaking. I replaced the lower control arms and saw it leaking. Went on their website and they took care of getting me a replacement. Love me some Rockauto.
The nice things is you don't have to get it aligned when you replace struts.
Well, my V has 119,000 miles on it, and the right-side shocks have been leaking for a while. The previous onwer really didn't do anything, including driving it - he put about 1,000 miles on it in over a year and a half. I'm thinking I should probably replace the front LCAs too? I've got clunks and noises coming from the suspension going over small road bumbs from both the front and the rear - I'm just starting to diagnosis what needs replacing. Both right-side shocks have been leaking for quite a while. The left sides don't appear to be leaking, but given the milage I'm planning on replacing all 4. And I guess the sway-bar end links are another possible culprit?
Do the struts on the front if they are leaking. The lower control arms are a pain and be sure to use the Nord Locks to keep the alignment from moving. Rockauto is the answer to both the struts and the Lower control arms. Cheap and you know they fit and the warranty is great. If you change the lower control arms you will need an alignment. If you change the struts they don't require an alignment. Upper control arms are a pain... This is true since you have to preload the bushings so you need to get it to ride height before you tighten them up.
Any v by this point certainly needs rear struts. It is night and day when you change them. If your wheels are hopping or your car feels like it is pulling one way or another under acceleration it is most likely the rear struts. I changed my fronts too just in case but they seemed to be good. So if anyone wants front struts that I pulled off the front that are probably ok lmk. I saved them because they are like 360 a piece.

As for the part numbers... They have changed since the oem year. But whatever is on rock auto is correct they all worked for me
After checking the control arm bushings (not looking good), I decided I should just replace all of the control arms, along with new mag ride shocks, new sway bar end links, and new tie rod ends. Hopefully that should fix my suspension issues (and yes, I ordered the Nord-lock washers for the front control arms). I'll check the motor mounts when we have it up on the lift to do the suspension. Anything else I should check and/or replace (119,000 miles)?
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