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Coolant temp sensor

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Might be a little long winded post but i have an answer to a long unanswered question (as far as ive seen in forums)

so ive been plagued with coolant issues. Heatercore hose to the waterpump needed to be replaced (took that to the dealer). Next day, “engine hot ac off” Thermostat went!
I thought that was the end of my troubles. Nope. Yesterday again “engine hot ac off” well its not the thermostat. I said lets try the coolant temp sensor. And that seemed to fix that issue.

now if anyone needs a how to. Here you go
bank 1 side. Next to the headerbolt and the 1st bank theres a small sensor. Thats the one. Youll need to remove bank 1 and 3 coil. Then take a 3/4 deep socket onto the plug and play w it. Theres no room. Ratchet needs to go down to the header. Only way youll get room to move it. Once its almost off, have the new one ready to go cuz i forgot its gunna piss coolant. Bing bang boom, and hour and 30 mins later because i couldnt find a single person who made a thread on how to do this, what size anything is, or what even would solve the “engine hot ac off”

if you get that error code and the temp gauge drops down like the cars off, change the thermostat and the coolant temp sensor at the same time and save yourself the trouble of running into it again.

but as far as my car goes, im doingthe waterpump next week. Been a fun time learning to do my ownrepairs, but it is not easy to do the small shit on this shoe horned motor!

Also, there might be an error code p0128, that’s the code for the thermostat but because the sensor has no clue whats happening, thats the code it will throw. Hopefully that helps
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