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Coolant leak

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Had to top off the coolant a few years ago. Didn't think much of it, since the car was almost 6 years old. Figured, even with a closed system, there is some loss over time, as the water in the coolant burns off with the heat.

Anyway, fast forward to today. Just decided to check the coolant again. Little low again. Still have it in the overflow, but low. Took maybe a 2/3 of a quart, something like that. Been 4 years, but I said "Hmm..."

Started looking around in all the usual places. Let me preface this by saying, I've never seen a hint of fluid on the ground. None. I have always noticed an unusual smell when I park it in the garage, but not one I'd instantly recognize as a coolant smell. Plus, all cars have a smell when parked in an enclosed space. Heat makes smells.

So, I'm looking around. Nothing. Radiator is good, radiator hoses, good. T connections are good, not seeing anything.

Starting to worry, as I know I'm losing coolant, albeit very slowly, and it has to go somewhere. Brain starts saying head gasket, warped heads, cracked block or head. Figure I'd do a combustion leak test(still might, why not).

Then, as I poked around again, I spot something. Hose that connects to the overflow, the clamp has some pinkish build up on it. The hose has a smattering of dried droplets, same color. Could it be?

So, tight area, but I maneuver to get a look at the underside of the hose. Voila! See the tell-tale build-up of a leak around it. So slow, that as it leaked, it was so little each time, it evaporated inside the bay before it ever hit the ground.

Never been so happy to see a leak. :LOL:

Happy New Year everyone!


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I bought a cheap USB borescope. Has LEDs surrounding the lens to make light for dark areas. Originally got it to locate a dead rodent in one of my walls, but have used it for car stuff a number of times. Very handy thing to have, not a lot of money to get. Highly recommended.
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