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Confusing myself? Supercharger oil

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Having recently changed the supercharger oil on my Jaguar XKR, I thought it was time for the V. The supercharger was replaced under warranty 3 years ago, the original one started to sound like a rock crusher. But now it was time I thought. So I asked my friendly parts dealer, and he sent me two small bottles.

But where to do it? I can't find any plug in the front. A plug at the rear I've found, but google tells me not to change at the rear. And service manual has nothing about changing supercharger oil, all I can find is "sealed for life" etc.

So should I send the oil back to the parts guy? Or?
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Remove the Allen head on the back and purchase a kit to suck out the old oil and insert the new oil.

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yes, I replaced the spring coupler with a phenolic one and that rattle went away. Did that the first month I had the car.
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