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Confusing myself? Supercharger oil

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Having recently changed the supercharger oil on my Jaguar XKR, I thought it was time for the V. The supercharger was replaced under warranty 3 years ago, the original one started to sound like a rock crusher. But now it was time I thought. So I asked my friendly parts dealer, and he sent me two small bottles.

But where to do it? I can't find any plug in the front. A plug at the rear I've found, but google tells me not to change at the rear. And service manual has nothing about changing supercharger oil, all I can find is "sealed for life" etc.

So should I send the oil back to the parts guy? Or?
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I put new bearings and oil in when I did my engine rebuild but it is not a service item. There is an allen head plug on the back of the supercharger with the gears in it. It would be very difficult to empty it while it is on the car so I would just leave it alone. The way I emptied it was taking the entire unit apart. The rocks noise you heard originally was not coming from the gears in the back, it was coming from the known issue with the isolator in the front. AFAIK nobody has had failures from the gear box.
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