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Confirming spark plug choice

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Hi all. I recently bought a 2011 V (MT) with about 98k miles. After spending more time driving it, I decided I should check/replace the plugs and probably wires. I’ve searched the forum and read a lot of input n spark plug choices. I think I’ve settled in on TR7ix replacements (which seem to be part number 3690). Before I pull the trigger, I thought I’d post this to see if anyone has a strong opinion against it. I know a common response is “ask your tuner,” but I don’t have a tuner.

I pulled 2 of the existing plugs. They are Br7EFs and are only gapped about 0.020”. They are also a bit dark with some carbon build up. So I was thinking the TR7s gapped at 0.030” would be a move in the right direction.

Mod list:
Tick performance Stage 2 blower cam kit
Tick/pac .660 valve springs/titanium retainers
7.400 pushrod set
GM timing chain and gm dampner ls2
Ported and blueprinted oil pump
Tick cam swap gasket kit
3 bolt cam conversion kit
ARP crank pulley bolt
Morel 5315 lifters
Ls9 head gaskets
ARP head bolts
2.5 upper pulley
Air raid intake
1000cc injectors
160 thermostat
Stainless works exhaust
Green gates belt
Reinforced brick
Solid isolator
AEM wideband

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I’ll take input on good wires too!!
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Tr7ix is what most people use here. Both are same heat range. Iridiums will last longer. .028-.030 is a good starting gap IMO.
I like taylor wires with heat sleeves added. OEM LSA/LS9 if you have stock manifolds.
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(I have no affiliation with the vendors cited)

I found good prices on NGK plugs and Accel ceramic boot wires at the ebay vendors below. Maybe they'll have what you are looking for, and if so, hopefully still have good prices if this helps with sourcing the parts.

For NGK spark plugs YES AUTO PARTS | eBay Stores
For Accel wires Security Measure
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TR7IX and the Accel Ceramic with the wire covers seem to be the gold standard for most applications. I'm at 825whp and am gapped at about 0.025.
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Thanks for the input folks. Is 3690 the right part number TR7 for our Vs?

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NGK 3690 TR7IX
Accel 9004C
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