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Complete Running LSA Pull Out Engine **SOLD**

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Posting to gauge interest. As I am gathering pieces to build the Seriously Surly Coupe, I need to find buyer for the LSA.
Pass the word around, eh?
Tell your Hot Rod buddies!
The LSA is 100% stock, has 140K miles
Great oil pressure
no weird noises
no smoke
still hauls butt
I'm looking for best offer.
I posted it on FBM at $9500 just to see...
The price is definitely "Or Best Offer"

The engine will include:
Long Block assembly plus:
Blower snout
Blower pulley
Blower lid & brick
Throttle body
valve covers
Timing cover
spark plugs
plug wires
fuel rails
rear cam cover
exhaust manifolds
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Question for you. Since you are in East Texas, did you have any other potential buyers for your motor that missed out? I'm pulling my motor out as well near Fort Smith, Arkansas. Its like yours but with a few additional things. If you have the contact info, would you mind passing along the info? Thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts