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Hi CTSVowners members!

Most people know us because of our tuning and fabrication, you have probably seen vehicles that we have had the pleasure of building or working on. We are based out of Houston with a small, but extremely experienced and dedicated team of about 10, operating out of our 5,600 square foot climate-controlled fabrication, tuning, and motorsport wiring facility on the North West side of Houston.

We have a team of three full-time fabricators, led by Owner David Donnals, two technicians specifically for motorsport wiring and engine management installation ( We are authorized dealers for MoTec, Pro EFI, as well as Diablosport, HP Tuners, etc.).

We also are very proud to have Owner Chris Delgado as the full-time tuner, and he also has an additional tuner that works alongside of him make up our tuning and calibration department.

With the leadership of active owners, experienced aftermarket service technicians and full-time engineering department are excited to become a part of this online community, and look forward to helping serve some of the desires for reliable, well thought out high-horsepower LS-Powered and other high performance vehicles in the Houston area.

We offer everything from dyno tunes, to full turn-key builds, cam packages, superchargers, turbo systems, and we can also make any custom fabrication you can think of become a reality.

We are one of the largest dealers for Pro EFI, we also sell products from fantastic companies like AMS, Precision Turbo, MoTec, Injector Dynamics, and many more, and we fabricate 100% of our D3PE line of products in house with materials sourced in the USA.

Here are a few photos of our shop:

Our dyno bay area:

Our climate controlled fabrication area and some of our equipment:

Our motorsport wiring and service area:

Our fabrication area:

Twin-Turbo LSx Infiniti G35 we're currently working on:

Scott's C6Z06 with a Pro EFI 128 System being installed with Nitrous Controllers:

Mark's C5Z06 Nitrous and Fuel control wiring and bracket/panels:

Plug and Pin Pro EFI 128 system for the Twin-Turbo LSx Infiniti G35:

Twin-Turbo Ferrari F430 system:

And some random photos of our fabrication:

Anyways, we look forward to posting more of some of our projects here at D3PE, and seeing you at events. We are always excited to have the opportunity to visit with fellow car enthusiast and show off our facility and work, so feel free to come by and check us out if you're in Houston, or even by following us along on Facebook!

We will also be posting random project updates to this thread. Again we look forward further immersing ourselves the CTSVowners community and hope to see some of you around!

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Awww no pics of my bucket :-(
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