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My 2011 60k mile coupe has blown all 4 shocks. I assume it was from the lowering springs. I have Eibach lowering springs just recently installed about a year ago. If i replace them with the magna ride shocks will i run into the same situation again because of it being lowered?

I ran through a set of ps4's in 11k miles. :(
So when we got it up on the lift and inspected it, the upper control arm bushings are bad. I'm assuming thats why i wen't through the tires so fast.

Does everyone replace the bushings or does most replace the entire control arm? Growing up we would air hammer the old one out and press the new one in .

My delima is do I go with coilovers or stay with the magna ride shocks for about the same money?


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Discussed MANY times on the bushing.

For the magna-ride, I'd just replace them. I had Eibachs with factory Magna Ride. Had to replace once in ~100k miles
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