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Posting in Classifieds

Per Tony's request there are some new rules regarding posting in the classifieds section. was designed for members. Users who sign up and "post whore" with the intent to reach the 50 post minimum just to sell will be banned and all post deleted. If there are special circumstances, please contact an administrator or one of the moderator’s. You can request to become a vendor on this site by contacting Norcal SS directly. This is for CTSV related products only. When posting something please do the following: These rules apply to ALL Members (Vendors included).

1) You must have 50 post and one month as a member to sell items on this site. You will also need 50 posts to start a WTB thread. Reviving old threads and/or double posting in threads just to get your post count high enough to sell is NOT permitted. If you are found doing this, your post WILL BE deleted. We welcome all members, but we want you to be a part of our community and not just sign up to sell items

2) If you are able to sell in our classifieds section. Please have items supported by pictures (Actual pictures. No links to ebay, craigslist, ect). And your asking price for said item. We want our members here to see what you have available. If you have other items to add, please update your pictures and modify your first post.

3) Included in the pictures of items being sold. Please have screen name and date on a piece of paper. This is becoming a known trend in selling items on many sites throughout the internet, and we want to know these items are in your possession at the time of sale. If you don't provide proper pictures with your thread, the thread will be deleted without notice.

4) If you have been reported in the scammers section. You will not be able to sell here, and any existing "for sale" threads you may have will be deleted. If we find that you have started a thread selling an item, your thread WILL BE deleted without notice and followed by infractions.

5) Please respect the sellers thread by staying on topic. If you go off-topic or try to sell/mention your item in another members thread, your post will be deleted followed by an infraction. Along with this do not degrade the sellers thread by posting comments about the condition and/or price of what they are selling. If you feel you can help the seller by adding something (example: price is too high because there are six for sale for half that price) and you want to do so then please do it in a PM.

To make the above work properly you will notice that user titles have changed. New users will have a title that says registered user. When you get 50 post and have been on site 30 days your title will upgrade to active member. At this time you are allowed to use the classifieds.

Sir I have 50 post and it still says registered user

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As long as it wasn’t post whoring, it’s ok.

What did you want it to say?

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