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Changing stock engine air filter

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I just changed the cabin and engine air filters in my wife's SRX. It was a snap.
Now I need to change the same filters in my 2013 CTS-V sedan. Changing the cabin filter for the CTS-V was easier then I thought
I ordered all the filters from Amazon. I just reordered the fram air filter CA11054 for the CTS-V. I had ordered the CA10626 by accident.
Is there a preferred method for changing the air filter. I know enough to loosen the 3 screws and push the filter box away from the fender to disengage the 3 tabs. Should I also disconnect the air tube and electrical connection or is there enough room to reach in and switch the filters.
Is there any logic as to why they have made it so difficult to change the air filter.
It use to just involve removing a thumb screw and then years later it went to a few spring clips to be released.
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Watch the screws, they are a bitch to fiind when you drop one.
Watch the screws, they are a bitch to fiind when you drop one.
Thanks for the heads up on the screws. The correct air filter isn't suppose to show up until next week. After I change the filter I will bring it in for an oil and its first coolant change
I have had my 2013 for 8 plus trouble free years.
I got the air filter from Amazon it was a GM Delco instead of the Fram I ordered. It was the right air filter for the CTS-V so I installed it. The installation was a real PITA.
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