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changing ign. sw. to normal key?

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hopefully someone has gotten rid of the 'automatic/passive/sensing key fobs' to where it is like a normal car
1. use key fob to unlock, lock, trunk
2. use a real metal key in column to start car

and the car DOES NOT have to sense proximity of fobs and all of that
does this require a 'ecm tune' and can it even be part of a 'tune'.
hoping there was a way around without having to have a 'tune'
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There is nothing in the ECM that will allow you to do that.
Honestly, this sounds like a fools errand. Good luck. Or better yet, just buy vehicle that was made in the 70's or prior to that.
thanks for the reply yep, i agree, im old and cant stand the 'hands tied of new sheet'

im not aware of how programming within the ecu works
there is always a way just hoping someone has already figured it out
Maybe there's a CTS that didn't have keyless ignition and you could swap the parts over. I can't imagine anyone having gone to the trouble to engineer their own solution.
im looking to keep car long term, if youve been to a junk yard know that is the reason 1/3 of them are there
the princess electronics will be their demise
having problems with fobs, and i just want to &(^% fix it once and be done

*if you dont agree, thats fine, thats your car....and this one is mine im talking about
I looked into this a while back. I seem to remember it being done with base model parts.

Vader did a push button start. V2 Push Start Button DIY
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Confirm Base models had a regular key, back in the day I had a loaner that had it.
The car obviously has proximity sensor but not sure if it matters
Buy this. Start unbolting stuff and let us know what happens.

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im interested in a carburetor conversion, i dont trust these computers
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Easy solution. Trade it in one a V1
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Thank you for constructive replies

Other replies..."you know"

Got legitimate word that it's part of BCM, and can't be tuned. But not 100% confirmed

Plan to hit junkyard tomorrow for donor parts from a v6 car/keyed column, to see what could cipher out
not all V6's have the key, just the very bare optioned out ones.

the whole car operates on a computer, the BCM is all a network.

of all the electronics on the car why does this key thing bother you so much?
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appears BCM's get reprogrammed/tweaked all the time, and is no big deal so it seems this might be part of the solution

there shouldnt be any reason for keyboard warriors passing judgement with inflated self worth, you get to do whatever you want with your car and me to mine

some will agree, the sensitive electronics have a finite life, and are hard/expensive to try and maintain.
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OP you are opening up the door for the car to be very easily stolen by deleting all the factory security provisions. Modifying the tune and changing the parameters of the BCM are not one in the same. All the same, good luck with your key start quest
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