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Hey everyone,

Since there's nothing in this section yet I thought I would kick things off and hopefully others will post in here as well. Kudos to Weapon X for getting started on performance mods for the car right out of the gate. I'm pretty sure Red Baron had mods already developed before he even picked up his ATS-V from me! Also want to give props to 21st Century Muscle Cars, New Era, and Fasterproms for also getting starting early.

Some people have said that the stock exhaust system leaves a lot to be desired in terms of sound and I don't disagree. The first thing I do when I spend any time in an ATS-V is disconnect the solenoids for the dual mode exhaust which helps increase the sound volume. I was really impressed with how much better the car sounded and I did not experience any noticeable drone. This was a great fix for a while since there wasn't really a cat-back that was on the market until recently.

I'm happy to say that Weapon X, Borla, and KPE now offer cat-backs for the car and I think they offer a big improvement in terms of sound quality and volume. I've pasted a link to a Borla Cat-back video that I made recently and you can pick up this system and several others off of the Weapon X website.

Borla cat-back dyno video:

Weapon X exhaust components:

KPE products:
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